My Book Preferences


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I like to read because I love to find new things. I’m not a big nonfiction reader but I still learn from books. In the book series Amelia Bedelia, I learned if you close your nose while you eat something the taste goes away. I also love to read because when you’re really fixated on a book it really feels like you’re inside the book. If I have a hard time feeling like you’re inside the book then I usually (if it’s not a graphic novel) sketch what the characters would look like to me. I’m not an artist. What that does for me is whenever that character is saying something or doing something I picture that in my mind.

I think my biggest reading challenge is finding different genres. The genre I read the most is graphic novels. I think the reason I like them so much is because it’s easier to picture everything but in a regular novel there are not as many colors or not enough things that grab my attention. I just find graphic novels easier to read, but if I were to pick another genre it would probably have to be humor. I love anything funny!

To be honest I don’t like audio books. I am a visual learner and when there are no pages to flip of no pictures to look at I lose focus very fast. I think what helps me with audio books is when there are voice actors instead of one narrator saying all the parts. Based on their voice you can kind of tell what type of person they are. One strategy I am going to try is reading a novel with voice actors or a read aloud to try to bring the characters more to life. Even though I don’t like certain types of books, in general, I love to read!

Window or Mirror: Frizzy by Caribel A. Ortega



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A book I recently read is Frizzy by Caribel A. Ortega. I think this book is a mirror book because I have somewhat of the same hair as the main character. A mirror book is a book that you see yourself in; it’s a book that you can relate to easily. The book isn’t an exact replica of your life but it’s similar. The other type of book is a window book. A window book is a book treat that lets you see and feel different experiences. The main character might not be your age, or they don’t live in the same place, and might not be your race! 

This book is a mirror book to me because most of the time my dad takes me to the salon and its pure torture! They rip your hair out and comb your scalp until your head hurts! Just like the main character, I also hate the salon. Also my hair is very different from most Americans’ hair. It’s really curly and it’s almost like a big poof. Just like the main character I like trying out new styles with my natural hair. Just to sum it up, I think this is a mirror book because I am like the main character in the sense that we both hate the salon, we both love our natural hair and we are both different!

The Barbie Movie Reveiw




The Barbie movie was very powerful. I really liked the set and the songs. It talks about feminism but kids will still understand it. It was also very funny. My favorite part was when Ken was crushing his signature song “I’m just KEN!” Out of all 42 of the Barbie movies this is the best one.

Both me and my sister loved it! This was a very heartwarming tale. This is what my friend Rue said about the Barbie movie: “ I think that it shows that women have a lot more power than when people think about the stereotypical barbie. And I also think that it sort of extinguishes the saying of dumb blonde.” And My friend Venia said: “I think it was very strong and powerful like it punched you in the face”. I agree with Venia and Rue. It was very powerful but also very funny at the same time. I also think the plot was all over the place. But think that the most important takeaway from this movie is that everyone is KENOUGH.

Camp Kirkwood



Once we got to the camp it was raining hard. Wet puddles were everywhere. We went to this pavilion and spotted my bag. We went in cabin groups to go see the cabins. They were interesting. The rest of the day was kind of a blur. I did get stung by my first wasp though!

By the way, all these activities are all out of order. When we went to play Gaga, right next to the court was the cutest pig ever! She rolled around and played with her ball. We even got to pet her! We also did the v-swing, Kanga jump, and zip line, the v-swing is this really big swing and when you let go you sway left to right. I was VERY scared the first time. But the second time, I went low, but I still did it. When we got to the zip line I was scared at first, but the v-swing prepared me for it. I went up the rope ladder and screamed! It was so fun! The pool was fun too! Some kids found lizards at the side of the pool. I got to hold one. Me and my friend named one of the lizards Fred the dude. 

We went canoeing and that was fun, but sometimes I felt like I was gonna tip overboard. We had s’mores. They were sooo good! We had snow cones as well. I put a bucket of flavoring in mine. The actual meals were interesting. I don’t  think I’ve eaten family style before. But the Mac and cheese was so good, I wish they would allow refills though. Overall, I think it was a very fun experience. And I would like to do it again.